Post Start of Production (PSOP) Maintenance

500+ person years of automotive software maintenance experience.
Post Start of Production (PSOP) Maintenance
​Bringing Maturity to Software Modernization and Maintenance​

​Global talent pool with experience of delivering multiple PSOP engagements. Key tenets of the HARMAN PSOP engagement model include a well-defined Transition Methodology, diligent Root-Cause Analysis of critical issues, and automation toolchain and CI/CD for faster releases.​

Long-term maintenance of vehicle security and safety has become more complex with the introduction of software defined vehicles. With over 10 PSOP programs, 2,500 + enhancements, and Automotive SPICEL3 and ISO26262 certified processes, HARMAN is well-equipped to handle large customer engagements. A flexible engagement model provides seamless software maintenance, new feature implementation and Over-the-Air updates. HARMAN PSOP offers better modularity, a reusable framework, process automation, analyzation, modificability and testability that improve the maintainability of software.​

Key Service Offerings


  • Identify key deliverables and KPIs needs
  • Establish partnership collaborations and business needs
  • Manage SW maintenance and quality
  • Manage business communications
  • Problem management for recurring issues
  • Collaboration with 3rd-party teams​

Deploy Enhancements

  • Regulatory Changes, Technology Innovation, Safety, Digital service monetization

  • Sandboxed Feature-on-Demand Certification


Ensure Security

  • Linux CVEs, backporting, Kernel updates
  • Android ASBs, Android Pastry updates​


  • Reusable Framework with Process and Validation Automation

  • Reduce maintenance debt, reproducible Builds in long-term libraries

  • Improve maintainability of SW with better modularity, reusability, analyzability, modifiability, and testability

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