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HARMAN Automotive Consumer Experiences

Our solutions are conceptualized by getting inside the minds of drivers and passengers alike to deliver the great experiences they love.  HARMAN is driving a whole new world of possibilities through the expertise of our Automotive and Sound Engineers. It is delivering 'ready' solutions faster, while still upholding rigorous automotive standards.  The result is new creative solutions at superior automotive grade.​​

Ready Care
Ready Care is the only solution in the market that counteracts driver distractedness and drowsiness by detecting eyes and mind on the road. Paired with stress-free navigation routing, it mitigates safety risks and increases wellbeing with personalized, in-cabin responses.
Ready Together
Ready Together is an integrated entertainment and communication management solution for the automotive space. It simplifies complex in-cabin social challenges by allowing each passenger to stay connected and interact with each other, while simultaneously enjoying their personalized media experiences.
Ready Tune
Ready Tune is a branded audio experience that can be activated with a touch of a button. Combined with a Branded App to easily activate and control its many features, Software Enabled Branded Audio offers a turn-key, user friendly and affordable way to maximize in-cabin audio experiences.
Smart City Infrastructure
HARMAN’s Smart City solution strives towards digital equity, enhanced quality of life, economic competitiveness, and sustainability of the ecosystems. we create, while inclusively augmenting human convenience and safety.
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