What new features will enable the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow?

Aaron Thompson, Senior Director of Platform Development at HARMAN
What new features will enable the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow?
Joining Karen Piurkowski is Aaron Thompson, Senior Director of Platform Development for HARMAN's ADAS Business Unit. Aaron is a true innovation leader, driving and executing future concepts and turning them into production ready solutions in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. Aaron shares his knowledge about the current trends in autonomous solutions, artificial intelligence, safety and most importantly, about how these new technologies will benefit the in-vehicle experience for customers.
Aaron Thompson

Key Takeaways

​[1:08] How is AR motivating futuristic in-vehicle experiences?

[2:11] How does this futuristic in-vehicle experiences help OEMs prepare for advanced levels of autonomy driving?

[3:04] In the early times of development, autonomous solutions were about mitigations and warnings.

[3:51] The barriers that have been experienced by the industry to develop and enable autonomous vehicles.

[4:53] How artificial intelligence is being used.

[6:16] What is the benefit for consumers?

[8:36] Future trends on ADAS technology.

[10:30] Aaron Thompson talks about his perspective on AI compute and sensors.

[12:30] Safety features that are empowering the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow.

[13:26] Aaron Thompson shares his thoughts about regulating private monitoring.

[14:28] Aaron Thompson talks about how these technologies will improve the in-vehicle experiences for the consumer.

[15:24] The current focus of HARMAN in sensing technologies.​


​“The autonomous driving market is growing from 5 to 7 billion to an estimated 50-billion-dollar market value in the next 10 years." #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #invehicleexperience #autonomousdriving

“Artificial Intelligence is everywhere regarding algorithm design, especially in the area of perception."
#HARMANConnectsMe #technology #invehicleexperience #AI

“When there is a capability of saving life, money is not the main concern." #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #invehicleexperience #safety
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