HARMAN Sound and Vibration Sensor

With exterior speech recognition and acoustic sensing, SVS is a fully developed, DV tested design that is helping automotive OEMs think ‘outside’ the cabin to enhance safety and convenience.
HARMAN Embedded Audio: Sound and Vibration Sensor
Moving the Needle on Automotive Innovation

Sound and Vibration Sensor is a cost-effective, environmentally robust, and easy to integrate multifunctional sensor that is making consumer aspirations of next-gen vehicle interaction and superior situational awareness come to life. 

From enabling speech recognition and exterior sound detection inside the cabin to car damage and approaching vehicle detection, this groundbreaking solution is unlocking new possibilities for moving the needle on automotive safety and new-age mobility experiences.

Value, Functionality, Integration

The global vibration sensors market is estimated to reach USD 4107.8 million by 2028 with a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period 2022-2028. This clearly hints at a growing demand for vibration sensors driven by emerging applications. In today’s automotive space these applications include speech-controlled vehicle actions and external sound detection.

To help OEMs meet these market expectations, HARMAN developed the Sound and Vibration Sensor (SVS) – a completely sealed piezo-based design with wideband performance and invisible vehicle integration. When attached to a trim panel on the vehicle, the multifunctional device acts as a microphone, efficiently transferring mechanical vibrations and displacements to the piezo element. The result? Highly accurate speech recognition and acoustic sensing performance. 

At a glance, here’s what sets SVS apart:

  • Cost effective

  • Multi-purpose: sense both vibration and sound 

  • Fully-developed design

  • Surface-mounted

  • Uses membrane protection

  • Interior and exterior applications

  • Clean integration into vehicle panels

  • Single or multi-element array configurations

  • HARMAN owned Intellectual Property

Microphone and Sensor in One Bundle

Microphone and Sensor in One Bundle

Production Ready Hardware​

Production Ready Hardware​
Key Features

Cost Effective

  • Robust microphone design

  • Analog or digital interface available

  • Simple attachment methods ​


Single or Array Configuration

  • Single configuration for detection 

  • Scalable array configuration 

  • Combine with beam-forming for localization


Environmentally Robust

  • Target IP69

  • Membrane solution

  • Allows for easy water jet cleaning and drainage of water​


Easy to Integrate

  • Small size (15mm dia. grill)

  • Many potential vehicle locations

  • Small 2-way or 4-way connectors required

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