Suite of Technologies

To tackle the acoustic challenges within the automotive environment of conventional, electric and hybrid vehicles, HARMAN, the leader in sound, has created HALOsonic. It is comprised of a suite of tailormade sound solutions:​ Electronic Sound Synthesis (ESS), Engine Order Cancellation (EOC), Sound2Target™ (S2T™) and Road Noise Cancellation (RNC).​

HALOsonic at a glance


HALOsonic Solutions

Active Noise Cancellation
Unwanted noises can ruin a driving experience, increase driver drowsiness and interfere with in-cabin conversations. HARMAN has developed a suite of noise cancellation technologies designed to reduce in-cabin noise significantly: HARMAN HALOsonic® Road Noise Cancellation and Engine Order Cancellation. These technologies help to refine the interior sound experience and help the OEMs reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
Electronic Sound Synthesis
Due to the silent nature of their powertrain, electric and hybrid vehicles lack feedback on speed and rate of acceleration. The HARMAN HALOsonic Electronic Sound Synthesis solutions®, internal Electronic Sound Synthesis and external Electronic Sound Synthesis® solve these issues by enabling the OEMs to deliver the targeted vehicle sound matching their brand identity.
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