HARMAN Ignite Store Welcomes Productivity Apps to Growing Ecosystem

Staying connected on the road has its unique set of challenges. For professionals, driving can sacrifice precious collaboration time, especially when companies abandon traditional conference lines for virtual meeting tools.

Now, that feeling of being disconnected will be a problem of the past. Webex and Zoom applications will become available in select 2024 vehicle models to provide drivers with automotive-grade versions of the popular platforms via the HARMAN Ignite Store. Built on the Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS), the HARMAN Ignite Store​ is an in-vehicle marketplace for applications that are certified for the automotive industry. Designed to ensure safety during usage and comply with AAOS driver distraction standards, both applications seamlessly transition to the vehicle’s infotainment system for an improved and better-connected mobile office experience. 

With the launch of both Webex and Zoom applications, the HARMAN Ignite Store is bringing another element of connection – collaboration – to the in-cabin experience. The growth of the Ignite Store and its offerings is one way HARMAN Automotive is continuing to extend people’s digital lives to the vehicle.

The HARMAN Ignite Store makes it easy for Android developers to adapt their content and services for automotive applications. Deploying content to an in-vehicle app store brings new experiences to drivers and passengers, such as access to media content, messaging integrations, or crowdsourced review platforms. In addition to elevating the in-car experience, the opportunity to introduce new revenue streams and differentiated business models makes app ecosystems a win for OEMs.


Manufacturers are leveraging the HARMAN Ignite Store Developer Platform​ to not only operate their vehicle app stores but maintain and develop new applications that look and feel like their brand. By partnering with HARMAN and leveraging the Ignite Store platform, our OEM customers are delivering secure, intuitive, and engaging applications. 

In addition to collaboration apps, other categories like gaming, music, and point-of-interest are attracting more developers to the HARMAN Ignite Store. Apps like YouTube, PlutoTV, Spotify, Yelp, Audible, and Plug Share are a short list of the many apps readily available for consumers to enjoy with numbers expected to keep climbing.


In 2022, Gartner released a technology trend report predicting that by 2028, we can anticipate the growth of Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS) adoption, expecting that 70% of vehicles sold will utilize the platform. As an AAOS compliant partner, the HARMAN Ignite Store allows content providers to develop once and then deploy apps across the automotive ecosystem to make it even easier to keep drivers and passengers connected to the content they crave. This also unlocks monetization opportunities by extending app use into the vehicle that would traditionally be exclusive to users’ tablets, phones, or computers. 

For developers who are new to launching content on AAOS, HARMAN provides real automotive testing and validation environments, resource libraries, and coding support through the HARMAN Ignite Store​ developer portal. It provides automotive-optimized applications in the car, providing an uninterrupted experience so drivers and passengers can continue enjoying content on the go. 

​​​​Karen Piurkowski​

Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing at HARMAN International​​

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