HARMAN Launches Ready Care, a Safety and Wellbeing-Focused Vehicle Experience

The HARMAN product portfolio delivers consumer-focused experiences at an automotive grade. Today, HARMAN launched Ready Care, an experience comprised of elements addressing - Cognitive Distraction, Stress-Free Routing and Personalized Comfort - that can work together or independently to improve safety and reduce driver stress.

​The latest addition to the HARMAN product portfolio is an in-vehicle experience that ensures the safety and wellbeing of the driver and occupants. With Cognitive Distraction, Stress-Free Navigation Routing and Driver Drowsiness elements, Ready Care measures, classifies and mitigates potential safety risks, making advanced, meaningful safety technology accessible to drivers today. 

HARMAN Ready Care technology combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and select in-vehicle sensors to detect if the driver’s eyes and mind are focused on the road, classifying their personal state. It then offers interventions—change in music, ambient lighting, or temperature of the cabin and driver’s seat—that are proven to reduce driver drowsiness and driver distraction.

Key Features: 

  • Eyes and Mind on Road: Ready Care is the only product in the market that measures both real-time driver visual and mental loads. This feature deciphers when the driver is mentally distracted and can initiate multiple and simultaneous in-cabin vehicle intervention responses. It measures real-time cognitive load and separates driving tasks from mental, visual, and manual distractions. Additionally, this feature can measure driver drowsiness through eye gaze and movement and respond with personalized in-cabin features to intervene as necessary to ensure the drive is paying attention to the task at hand. 

  • Stress-free Routing: Compatible with multiple navigation engines, Ready Care provides an alternate stress-free route selection to the typical Fastest Route / Shortest route / Avoid-Toll-Roads options.  By detecting real-time stress factors like traffic jams or weather conditions, this solution adapts accordingly and guides the driver to a lower stress route. The alternative route is calculated based on crowd data collection that generates Stress Heat maps and parameters that an individual driver reacts to while driving.

  • ​Personalized Experiences: All journeys and drivers are unique, and so Ready Care leverages advanced machine learning technology to provide personalized intervention strategies tailored to the individual and their driving experience. OEMs and third parties can integrate any vehicle feature or function into the Ready Care closed-loop interventions via an SDK, such as HVAC control, media content and volume or seat sensors, to become part of the intervention solution. One example of a Ready Care partner is Gentherm, the global market leader of innovative thermal management and pneumatic comfort technologies for the automotive industry. ​

Ready Care
HARMAN Ready Care manages in-vehicle activity by monitoring eyes, mind, and vitals to enable improved driver and occupant mobility experiences. The solution leverages sensors and machine learning to trigger personalized interventions focused on safety and wellbeing.
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Karen Piurkowski

​Karen Piurkowski

Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing at HARMAN International​​

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