How will you navigate your car in the future?

Hear about the advantages and disadvantages of embedded navigation systems
How will you navigate your car in the future?
This episode features Oren Betzaleli, Senior Vice President of the Software Platforms Product Business Unit at HARMAN International and General Manager of HARMAN Israel. He has nearly 30 years of experience in technology, business, marketing, and management roles. Oren dives deep into the advantages and disadvantages of embedded navigation systems while comparing them with navigation phone apps many consumers are accustomed to.

Key Takeaways

​[1:07] Oren Betzaleli talks about the consumers trends regarding navigation use in the vehicle.

[3:17] Why consumers are using smartphones with standard navigation apps over the embedded systems cars are offering.

[5:26] The obstacles that embedded navigation systems are facing.

[7:01] Oren Betzaleli explains how embedded navigation systems are updated today.

[9:26] HARMAN is offering solutions that address the matter of updating embedded navigation systems.

[10:27] Advantages of using the embedded navigation systems.

[11:08] An example of leveraging car data into your navigation system.

[13:12] Oren talks about the matter of safety while using standard navigation apps vs. embedded systems.

[14:04] The opportunity of embedding navigation apps into the car's system.

[15:00] The trend of moving away from manually inputting addresses into the automobile's system.

[16:20] The use of voice commands directly to the car.

[17:55] The future brings a smoother and faster interaction between the driver and the vehicle's system.

[18:48] The battle between phone apps and in-car navigation systems when autonomous vehicles hit the road.​


​“About Navigation Systems and Mapping: If you don't present a value for people to change their habits, they will use what they are used to." #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #navigation #maps

“Going forward in the future, the connectivity between the driver and the car, and between the car and the network will be more seamless, with no need to gateway in the middle." #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #connectivity #navigation​

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