Safety & Cybersecurity

As security complexities within connected vehicles continue to grow, it's critical to prioritize safety while developing advanced automotive and cybersecurity solutions. The basic underlying premise of both safety and cybersecurity is to protect people and assets (drivers, passengers, vehicles and more) by creating safe, secure and risk-free conditions.  The solutions offered for each are very different and require a unique set of skills and a much higher level of expertise. 

HARMAN automotive product development and cybersecurity experts have designed targeted solutions for the automotive industry.  Built on award-winning solutions, HARMAN safety and cybersecurity products and services address consumer concerns and protect the vehicle against the threat of deliberate criminal acts. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Combined with Samsung’s extensive sensor, camera and consumer experience, HARMAN is enabling automakers to implement a new generation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
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Automotive Cybersecurity
HARMAN SHIELD is the most comprehensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention solution (IDPS) to detect, manage, mitigate and respond to cyber attacks on connected vehicles.
Automotive Cybersecurity for Connected Car
Software Vulnerability Management
The amount of code involved is staggering, access to the code may be restricted and the overall process depends on all the providers in the automotive OEM’s complex supply chain.
Software Vulnerability Management
V2X - Vehicle To Everything
With 5G becoming reality, HARMAN enables cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) for all communication between the car and its environment.
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