Android Automotive Security Suite

Providing automakers with a secure way to introduce Android OS into the vehicle
Android Automotive Security Suite

​With Android Automotive OS capturing considerable recent attention, some automakers are quick to adopt the mobile-first OS as their leading choice for their in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) and digital cockpit systems (DC). However, the benefits of the OS will surely appeal to digital natives, there are other factors to consider.​

​Google’s Android Operating System is one of the most popular operating systems used today. Its open-source nature enables adaption to a wide range of devices. However, Android OS was never designed for the automotive industry. While some Android features are directed for this market, these are add-ons, and not part of the OS’ core. These shortcomings become more evident as we investigate further into the security and privacy in the context of a moving vehicle. Android brings to the automotive industry new threat scenarios. The HARMAN Automotive Security Suite bridges this gap and provides automakers with a secure way to introduce Android OS into the vehicle.​

Key Features

Enhance App Security

  • ​Verify that apps provided by 3rd party vendors adhere to strict cybersecurity design and guidelines, and provide detailed steps and measures to secure each app.​

Protect Store Users from Malicious Apps

  • Protect against intentionally malicious 3rd party apps masquerading as legitimate ones, harming users once downloaded and installed.​

Avoid Android Misconfigurations

  • Automatically detect weak spots and misconfigurations in Android builds. While very powerful, the Android security scheme is complex to correctly configure, and even a small mistake can become an attacker’s way into the system.​

Mitigate Risks of Newly Published Vulnerabilities

  • ​Quickly mitigate potential risk to the vehicle and its passengers caused by new vulnerabilities and exposures.​
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