Automotive Cybersecurity HARMAN SHIELD

Smartly manage the risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches and threats

​HARMAN SHIELD allows automakers and mobility service providers to drive digital expansion while managing risks, without hindering growth. As a pioneer in automotive cybersecurity and with years of domain expertise, HARMAN is a trusted cybersecurity partner to vehicle manufacturers globally.​

​IHS Markit estimates that by 2025 more than 620 million vehicles will feature embedded connectivity, a rapid increase from merely 208 million in early 2019, enriching the experiences of drivers and passengers alike. The changing landscape and hyper-connectivity between the car and the cloud also creates cybersecurity challenges, with an ever-expanding attack surface that requires active and continuous monitoring and protection.

Modern automakers require solutions that enable them to deliver these new experiences while mitigating risks associated with system vulnerabilities, preventing data breaches, and managing threats to the systems’ integrity and safety. This solution is now taking the shape of cloud-based systems, such as Vehicle Security Operations Centers (vSOC). HARMAN SHIELD delivers the core of the vSOC functionality by monitoring the cyber posture of connected vehicles based on a myriad of data sources, such as operational telematics, instrumentation of in-vehicle cybersecurity components, and third-party data sources.


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