Device Virtualization

Powered by Type-1 ASIL B certified hypervisor
Device Virtualization for Connected Vehicles

The automotive industry moved from having standalone systems for various functions including Infotainment, Telematics, Instrument Clusters, Diagnostics and others, to more integrated systems handling multiple functions on top of a single application System-on-Chip (SoC). The HARMAN Device Virtualization Solution powers this vehicle architecture transformation providing best-in-class virtualization for Digital Cockpits and other Domain Controllers.​​​

Powered by Type-1 ASIL B Certified Hypervisor (Certification by TüV) and automotive features virtualization capabilities (camera, audio, multimedia, graphic, network), the HARMAN Device Virtualization solution recommends the best way to collocate various critical and non-critical environments on the same hardware. This reduces costs and testing/integration efforts while improving performance and guaranteeing security and safety. 

HARMAN Device Virtualization capabilities enable multiple operating systems to run on a single hardware platform, securely and with full isolation. Totally OS agnostic, it does not impose any choice on the customer and supports any SW platform. SOC agnostic, HARMAN virtualization supports diverse ARM v8 SOC. ​

Key Features

Field-Proven Virtualization Layer

  • Automotive-grade virtualization solution
  • The only Type-1 hypervisor deployed in volume at leading automotive manufacturers
  • Relevant to all modern domain controller use cases (Digital Cockpit, Telematics, ADAS/AD, and more)​

Unbeatable Performance

  • Automotive-grade Type-1 Hypervisor (very thin layer)

  • Super-fast boot (~15 ms. boot time)

  • Small footprint, highly efficient code designed for minimum overhead


Safe, Cost Effective Solution

  • Capable of securely addressing safety and non-safety use cases

  • Rock-solid VM isolation

  • ASIL-B compliant solution

  • Can handle up to ASIL-D scenarios

  • ISO 21434 (Security) compliant system

  • IDS-ready system


Out-of-the-box Unique Capabilities

  • Integration with HARMAN Industry-standard products such as OTA

  • OS-Agnostic, enabling further cost reduction path for OEMs

  • VIRTIO-ready approach with room for hardware-specific performance optimizations

  • Advanced Power Management features to optimize battery consumption (EV)

  • Multi-SoC Support (CCIX)​

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