In-Vehicle Experience

It wasn’t long ago that a vehicle’s value was measured by its mechanical performance and driving dynamics (RPM). With the emerging popularity of shared mobility and in-vehicle technology to meet personal needs, however, today’s consumers are seeking a better experience in their vehicle. Hence, the measurement of value is now becoming experience-per-mile (EPM). 

HARMAN is uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions that empower automakers to meet consumer demand for more features, advanced connectivity and intelligence built right into the vehicle.  We optimize the in-vehicle experience in a variety of segments – and build innovative solutions in a cost-efficient manner.  By providing incredible compute performance, scalable designs and modern technologies such as AI, VPAs and AR, we are making it easier and more affordable to create exciting, individual experiences today. 

Advanced Displays
As the number of in-car screens grows, HARMAN meets the challenge and creates the very best experience for the driver and passenger.
HARMAN Digital Cockpit premium concept. (c) HARMAN
Digital Cockpit Components
HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit platform and harmonization technologies are true industry innovations.
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Digital Cockpit Platforms
HARMAN offers a scalable hardware and software platform for integrated cockpit solutions, leveraging any cloud platform connected by 4G/5G telematics.
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