Gaming Intense Max

Push back the seat, darken the windows, and pump up the sound
Gaming Max in the Car

Max is targeted for Experience Seekers. In the US alone, there are more than 213 million people playing mobile games. These consumers crave the moments when they can step out and break away from the monotony of daily life. And, why not do this in the comfort of their car when it is not in motion?

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Technologies Powering the Experience

Digital Cockpit - Global Market Solutions
HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit Platform is designed to seamlessly connect the vehicle to relevant systems, thus saving the driver time and improving the connected lifestyle in the car and beyond.
HARMAN Ignite Store
HARMAN Ignite Store is a leading connected vehicle platform that enables car makers (OEMs) to develop, manage and operate their own in-vehicle app store. Compliant with Android Automotive OS, HARMAN Ignite Store was recognized as Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Award and has been selected by large global OEMs as their solution of choice to offer rich, in-vehicle experiences to the consumer.
Smart Conformal Antenna
The HARMAN 5G TCU with Smart Conformal Antenna combines multiple antennas in a single module that can be mounted beneath the vehicle’s body surface and covered with a waterproof, non-conductive cover (radome). It integrates leading automotive 5G connectivity technology with up to 14 different vehicle antennas to offer the industry’s only all-in-one package assembly.
Key Benefits
  • ​Provides immersive and transformative in-vehicle environment via massive and articulating hi-resolution displays
  • User has easy access to their personal game content and subscriptions
  • Supports in-vehicle gaming for up to 3 players providing a group experience
  • Ultimate game performance provided through 5G connectivity and low latency
  • High resolution graphics that enhance the enjoyment
  • Allows live video game streaming
  • Enhanced sound experience through vehicle headrests with positional audio
  • Includes wireless controllers with build-in storage and a charging compartment
  • Phone as a Key module provides automatic configuration of personal content (music, games, contacts, settings and more)​

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