Automotive Megatrends

The world is being impacted by a number of megatrends, with the key ones being Urbanization and Digitalization. Looking more closely at the automotive environment, we can determine five megatrends that are shaping the future of mobility. They are Connected Living, Smart Mobility, the Sharing Economy, Personalization and Sustainability & Resilience. All of these megatrends interact with one another to shape our mobility ecosystem on a macro and micro level. HARMAN is developing its connected car products and technologies to reflect and leverage those megatrends.

connected living

Connected Living

Digital connectivity mirrors natural interdependency to create whole new ecosystems


I am who I am – the digital convergence of social principles and personal identity
sharing economy

Sharing Economy

Sharing is caring that makes economic sense and is changing the way we do business
smart mobility

Smart Mobility

Mobility makes the world go round – smart mobility for a better life
sustainability / resilience

Sustainability / Resilience

Charting a connected path to a sustainable quality of life for all