Android Automotive Platform

Android Automotive extends the Android open source platform with key automotive extensions for automotive use.  While Android Auto is a feature, Android Automotive is a complete platform that supports majority of the features for today’s In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems. It is rapidly evolving to support all features and functions required to build IVI systems. Android Automotive will be part of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) using the same governance model as that for mobiles. With Android Automotive, there is no lock-in to Google services. OEMs are free to use AOSP to build custom IVI system with their favourite 3rd party navigation, VR and connected services solution providers. 


Automakers looking to leverage Android community for application development will need to ensure compliance with Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Compatibility Definition Document (CDD).  HARMAN is the only services company in the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), and is the “one-stop-shop” for all your Android Automotive needs.

Android Automotive Platform

“As an automaker, we understand that Android Automotive brings a robust and extensible middleware with all key IVI services and applications. The inherent extensibility allows OEMs such as us to focus on implementing unique features  and services. As a Google’s scaling partner with Perl Dev Kit (PDK) license and rich IVI development experience, HARMAN helps us to more easily bring cutting-edge technology to our consumers. It helps us in creating new opportunities for developers to deliver powerful experiences for drivers and passengers in a safe and scalable way.“  


Director of Software Development, Automaker,  Detroit, MI

HARMAN ensures a seamless experience for integrating Android Automotive into In-Vehicle Infotainment systems across different hardware platforms, OS environments and HMI frameworks. We support our customers throughout the journey from conceptual design, implementation, optimization and certification to maintenance.

Android Automotive platform
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Integrating Connectivity, Productivity and Entertainment into New Vehicles

Android Automotive helps automakers refocus investments from non-differentiating work in the BSP and MW layers to investments in enabling differentiating user experience that cater to their target customer demographics. Harman’s development strategy focuses on minimal changes to the core Android framework to enable rapid migration from one Android version to another. Most third-party vendor products for Navigation, Virtual Reality (VR), OTA, connected services, etc. have been integrated and validated by HARMAN on Android Automotive platform, thereby enabling faster time to market.

Harman helps build CDD/CTS compliant systems for automakers. We always ensure that every design change is reviewed for its impact on CDD/CTS compliance. By working with HARMAN who works closely with Google and is a frequent contributor to new features   through APIs and code enables automakers to develop new features that reduce the need for re-implementing them when they become part of AOSP. HARMAN also has rich experience in developing Android applications.  We can provide complete App lifecycle support through a managed development team that carries knowledge and experience across different phases of application lifecycle. Our team ensures that the product is tested and certified for production release and placed in OEM channel of the app store. 

HARMAN is also highly experienced in regionalization of core product to cater to the needs of low volume markets. HARMAN can integrate local navigation, region specific VR solution and develop Apps for region specific social media or payment methodology and more.


Concept development

Android Automotive feasibility assessment, Android Automotive gap assessment, Total cost of ownership assessment, Regionalization assessment and more.

Platform development

Platform architecture development, UI/UX development through dedicated HARMAN design studio, Custom HMI development and more

Automotive OEM Application development

Application UI/UX and full lifecycle support- concept to publishing in the App store, component and system testing product regionalization and more.

Security updates

Continuous security updates post cessation of patch releases from Google, regular penetration testing to ensure product security and monitoring Google’s security bulletins to implement security updates for eventual integration and release.

Long term Maintenance and Support

Migration of core platform to newer version of Android, application migration, bug fixes and new feature introduction.

Managed services

Application deployment and monitoring, Over-the-Air software update deployment and connected services integration.

  • Complete service portfolio covering concept development, platform development, application development, security patch releases, long term maintenance, integration, customization and certification.
  • Fastest time-to-market via in-depth automotive expertise and Android Automotive implementation experience.
  • Robust production quality implementation.
  • Support for all major hardware platforms, Operating Systems and HMI frameworks.
  • Android Automotive development is managed globally through Harman’s development centers in India, Russia, China, US and EU. This enables us to provide perfect balance of cost and quality.