Consumer Benefit: Enjoyment

Solutions that support any aspect of entertainment in the vehicle along with tools for discovery
Since consumers spend so much time in the car daily, it’s helpful to have an area of enjoyment rather than stress and tension. The Enjoyment consumer benefit includes solutions that support any aspect of entertainment in the vehicle along with tools for discovery. Entertainment can include sharing and personalization of video and audio content across multiple devices, among other ways to entertain the driver and the passengers. It also includes discovery benefits – such as personalized recommendations and intelligent trip adjustments that cater to preferences and more.
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HARMAN Solution for Enjoyment
Device Virtualization for Connected Vehicles
Powered by Type-1 ASIL B certified hypervisor and automotive features virtualization capabilities (camera, audio, multimedia, graphic, network), HARMAN Device VIrtualization solution recommends the best way to collocate various environments on the same hardware.
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Device Virtualization
Following the ASIL compliance, either a Linux containers or Type-1 Hypervisor technologies that separate digital cluster operating system (OS). While guaranteeing full reliability for safety features, a separate infotainment OS can be used to deliver an outstanding entertainment package.
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Connected Head Unit Experience
There is no need for consumers to wait until a new car is purchased to enjoy the latest connectivity benefits and the newest features. The HARMAN smart/auto Head Unit enables automotive OEMs to offer the latest infotainment technology to vehicle owners as soon as it becomes available. Based on an Android platform and equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the HARMAN smart/auto Head Unit can support a range of display sizes and is suitable for flexible integration into most vehicle trims.
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Digital Cockpit Scalable Premium Solutions
The Digital Cockpit Platform for scalable premium solutions leverages HARMAN’s wide range of core assets like Connected Services, the HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform, ADAS functions and the pre-integrated HARMAN Android IVI and AudioworX to provide superior driving experiences to automotive customers.
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Digital Cockpit Global Market Solutions
HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit Platform is designed to seamlessly connect the vehicle to relevant systems, thus saving the driver time and improving the connected lifestyle in the car and beyond.
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Automotive Wireless Charger
Most consumers experience a never-ending story trying to keep a mobile device charged. Despite heavy in-vehicle use of mobile phones, most users these days have no option but to plug their device into a USB port to maintain charge on their daily commute. As well as being inconvenient, the simple absence of a cable is enough to render it impossible. A built-in wireless charger presents a far more convenient way to charge a device while traveling.
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