Device Virtualization

The foundation of the Digital Cockpit

Fully Connected for Full Safety

While the digital cockpit platform allows for revolutionary new in-car experiences, automotive safety must continue to be guaranteed. Following the ASIL compliance. HARMAN provides virtualization solutions using either a Linux containers or Type-1 Hypervisor technologies that separate digital cluster operating system (OS), guaranteeing full reliability of safety critical features, from the infotainment OS that delivers an outstanding entertainment package.

Manage All ECUs and OSs in One Unit

The HARMAN Device Virtualization technology enables multiple operating systems to run on a single hardware platform, securely and with full isolation. This solution allows for the sharing of hardware resources such as the surround view (SV) and driver monitoring (DMS) cameras or the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system while increasing efficiency, improving security, driving experience; and reducing weight, cost, and maintainability.

Integrated Cockpit

Integrated Cockpit With device virtualization
Key Highlights
  • RTLinux leverages ASIL compliances (ISO 26262) and core car functions
  • The HARMAN Device Virtualization stacks together all operating systems and ECU functionalities in an ASIL-B compliant environment
  • HARMAN’s SW/HW platform allows for pre-integrated combinations of different operating systems for digital cluster, IVI, and additional safety functionalities

HARMAN Device Virtualization

HARMAN Device Virtualization Solutions
  • ​The HARMAN Device Virtualization technology is used as an abstraction layer for each HW/SW platform configuration
  • Each SW platform is available on respective reference hardware
  • Each HW platform already has an A- or B-Sample available for rapid automaker prototyping and vehicle integration
  • Different combinations of cluster and IVI on a given reference hardware allow the automaker to differentiate across markets, brands, and models

Safety First Approach

HARMAN automotive safety

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