Creating in-vehicle experiences that enrich driver and passenger time in the car

HARMAN Ignite offers a smart, seamless and scalable approach for OEMs to create unique brand experiences, spanning the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle – from the pre-purchase information gathering phase, through the purchase transaction, and long-term into ownership,  service and maintenance. 

HARMAN Ignite Store
HARMAN Ignite Store is a leading connected vehicle platform that enables car makers (OEMs) to develop, manage and operate their own in-vehicle app store. Compliant with Android Automotive OS, HARMAN Ignite Store was recognized as Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Award and has been selected by large global OEMs as their solution of choice to offer rich, in-vehicle experiences to the consumer.
Service Delivery Platform (SDP)
HARMAN Ignite SDP allows OEMs, dealers, fleet management companies and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud services and apps meeting the convenience, information, and entertainment needs of customers around the world. In addition, HARMAN Ignite SDP enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics, cybersecurity and managed services capabilities, in a SaaS model.
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