AR Platform Augmented Reality in the Car

Bringing AR to the Automotive Industry

The Rise of Immersive Technologies

Augmented reality (AR) is having an impact on a broad range of industries and processes. It has justifiably been one of the most talked about technologies in recent years. With modern smartphones, consumers experience AR in their everyday lives and are keen to use this promising technology in more environments. HARMAN is bringing AR into the car with the aim of increasing safety and making driving more intuitive and comfortable.

Bringing AR to the Automotive Industry

HARMAN’s approach is building up a scalable platform that is open for multiple applications, easy for the automaker to implement, and intuitive for drivers. The platform enables display-based AR and supports multiple features for navigation and ADAS. The HARMAN Augmented Reality platform is a cross platform solution (Linux, Android and x86) and runs on the infotainment SoC, not an external box. It merges data from different sources (CAN, GNSS, IMU) for high-resolution dead reckoning. It works seamlessly with the already integrated automaker camera system. Further plans include windshield projection, vision based AR pose and an AR video development tool.
Key Highlights
  • ​Display-based AR solution increases traffic safety and facilitates seamless navigation for the driver
  • Highly efficient solution as the platform is running on the infotainment SoC
  • Open development tool to create and integrate personal applications
  • Merges data from many sources for high reliability and precision (e.g. maps, CAN, gyro, camera)​​​


AR Automotive


Augmented Reality architecture for automotive

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