Augmented Reality Platform

Merging Physical and Digital Worlds
Augmented Reality Platform
To provide a safer, more intuitive and interactive driving experience, the HARMAN Augmented Reality (AR) Platform merges the physical and digital worlds to create real-time, intelligent overlays onto the road surface without obstructing the driver’s view.

Improve Information Flow While On the Road

As ADAS and Navigation technologies evolve more and more and become standard features in new car models, one need is being addressed but creates another issue. Drivers must look at multiple screens (HUD, IVI, smartphone, etc.) to obtain traffic information and navigation guidance making the driver disconnected from the physical world in front of them.

Assimilating discontinuous display information requires a high cognitive effort that may contribute to a driver’s confusion and distraction, impacting the safety of all vehicle passengers and other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Ensuring Safety & Performance

Leveraging machine learning, HARMAN Augmented Reality Platform merges the physical and digital worlds by creating real-time intelligent overlays onto a road or map. It augments the driver’s field of view enabling a safer, more intuitive and more rewarding driving experience.

There are three offerings OEMs can choose from included in the Augmented Reality Platform including:​


  • Collision Warning
  • ​Blind Spot Warning
  • Lane Departure
  • Driving Path with Distance to Next Maneuver
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Low Speed Zone Notification 


  • AR Destination
  • Street Names
  • House Numbers


  • Points of Interest
  • Interactive Information
  • ​Entertainment and Gaming
Key Features


  • ​​Computer Vision & Machine Learning for 3D Object Detection and AR Perception
  • Integration of Input Sensors, Navigation, and ADAS Signals
  • Pose 6DoF based on Sensor Fusion: Vehicle Speed, ​Angle, Momentum, Location, etc.
  • Hardware and Navigation Agnostic
  • Linux and Android Compatible

Driver View Benefits - Safe & Intuitive

  • ​Safe & Intuitive: Keeps driver’s eyes on the road
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Streamlined cognitive processing
  • No obstruction of the real-world view​

Passenger View Benefits - Dynamic & Interactive

  • ​Dynamic POI overlays
  • Interactive information
  • AR Entertainment and Gaming Content
  • Engaging consumer experiences​​

Display Output Support

  • ​Supports diverse display outputs including head-up display (HUD) and head-down display (HDD)

Software Development Kit

  • ​Customizable and modular hardware agnostic platform with SDK allows OEMs to create or maintain their own brand
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