Smartly manage the risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches and threats
An Era of Software Defined Vehicles

​As passenger vehicles become more connected to the cloud (V2C), other cars (V2V), pedestrians (V2P) and the infrastructure (V2X), attack surfaces continue to grow and the need for cybersecurity becomes clearer. HARMAN offers a line of cybersecurity solutions that protect the vehicle and passengers alike as they become more connected than ever before.

HARMAN provides solutions to the OEMs that will enable them to deliver new experiences while managing risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches and threats.​​

Our Solutions

Cybersecurity for Automotive - HARMAN SHIELD
HARMAN SHIELD delivers the core of the vSOC functionality by monitoring the cyber posture of connected vehicles based on a myriad of data sources, such as operational telematics, instrumentation of in-vehicle cybersecurity components, and third-party data sources.
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Android Automotive Security Suite
An Android-based operating system brings to the automotive industry new threat scenarios for the automakers of today. HARMAN Automotive Security Suite bridges this gap and provides them with a secure way to introduce Android OS into the vehicle.
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WP29 Regulation
The new WP.29 regulation will have a significant impact on vehicle manufacturers operating in WP.29 member countries. This regulation mandates an organizational change within OEMs to have full visibility into security risk management, including the formation of a security-minded structure with proper processes, specific roles and expertise, managerial oversight, and more.
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Device Virtualization for Connected Vehicles
Powered by Type-1 ASIL B certified hypervisor and automotive features virtualization capabilities (camera, audio, multimedia, graphic, network), HARMAN Device VIrtualization solution recommends the best way to collocate various environments on the same hardware.
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