Automotive Cybersecurity

Increased connectivity inevitably means an increased threat to data security – a priority concern for automakers and consumers alike. HARMAN is tackling this head on with HARMAN SHIELD, a far-reaching and highly sophisticated suite of products and technologies that provide scalable end-to-end cybersecurity for connected and ultimately autonomous cars.

HARMAN SHIELD for advance market products includes three key components that enable connectivity, detection and response capabilities on a single device:

  • HARMAN SHIELD agent is installed on the SmartAuto device and provides the most comprehensive solution for detecting, managing, mitigating and responding to cyber attacks on connected and autonomous vehicles;
  • HARMAN SmartAuto is a telematics device (OBD-II dongle) that instantly transforms any car into a smart and connected one; 
  • HARMAN SHIELD Cybersecurity Analytics Center is a full dashboard and analytics solution providing 24/7 visibility of broad vehicular security-related events.
HARMAN SHIELD in-vehicle agents

HARMAN SHIELD in-vehicle agents protect connected ECUs through Intrusion Detection & Prevention algorithm. 

Agents are deployed on key attack vectors to provide perimeter protection:

  • Every agent provides detection & prevention algorithms to protect its respective interfaces (Wi-Fi, BT etc.) 
  • All agents protect access to the in-vehicle network
  • OTA/field updatability for future-proof security 
HARMAN SHIELD in-vehicle agents
HARMAN SmartAuto aftermarket solution
  • Continuously monitors inbound and outbound traffic
  • Supports cellular, Wi-Fi and BT interfaces
  • Detection and mitigation capabilities 
  • Blocks malicious attempts to compromise the device
  • Backend integration with the Cybersecurity Analytics Center HARMAN Ignite-based


HARMAN SmartAuto aftermarket OBD-II dongle
Cybersecurity Analytics Center
  • Full visibility of all possible harmful activities
  • Assessment and investigation
  • Response, mitigation and initiation of campaigns (OTA)
  • Integration with SIEM and incident management
Cybersecurity Analytics Center
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