ADAS Solutions

Making ADAS functionality a reality
Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) have the potential to remove human error while driving on the journey to zero-accident mobility. With the evolution of more powerful cockpit architectures, pre-integration of ADAS functionality in vehicles is now a reality.

Our Solutions

Augmented Reality Platform
More and more, consumers are experiencing Augmented Reality (AR) in their everyday lives and they are anxious to use this promising technology in more environments. HARMAN has developed AR solutions for the car with the goal of increasing safety and making driving more intuitive and comfortable.
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External Monitoring Systems
For consumers who want a higher level of safety in the car, HARMAN’s External Monitoring Systems improve visual awareness by providing extended visualization, detection and warning of the entire vehicle surroundings.
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HARMAN E-mirrors enhance or replace traditional rear and side-view mirrors, providing valuable information, such as distance to other vehicles and speed.
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In-cabin Monitoring Systems
For consumers who want a higher level of safety in the car, HARMAN’s software-based In-cabin Monitoring Systems are compatible with various camera and processor configurations to capture occupant’s most important first-order biometric features, such as gaze, head position, and pupil diameter, among many other key facial features.
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Park Assist
Park Assist software licenses offer unique, affordable and scalable features to enhance safety and make parking easier. It monitors blind spots and areas the driver might miss, providing a better understanding of what’s happening in the immediate vicinity.
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