Automotive Cloud Platform

Develop, Manage and Operate In-vehicle Applications and Connected Vehicle Services

Today, the driving experience looks completely different than it did just a few years ago, as drivers have come to expect the same level of connectivity and seamless experience that they enjoy in every other aspect of their lives. With HARMAN Ignite, OEMs can create an in-car experience that rivals – and in some cases beats – the personalization of a smartphone or other consumer devices, and most importantly can evolve over time. With this smart, seamless and scalable approach, OEMs can realize lucrative digital revenue via new business models and revenue streams while creating a stand-out driver experience for their customers. HARMAN Ignite, an automotive digital ecosystem brings the benefits of connected life into the vehicle. It enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities.

HARMAN Ignite allows automakers, dealers and service providers to introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud applications and services meeting the safety, convenience, information, and entertainment needs of customers around the world. It also helps these entities in meeting the back-end service management and operational needs of their own businesses. They can maximize efficiency and minimize internal costs in their pursuit to fully offer the connected lifestyle experience. HARMAN Ignite also offers Software Supply Chain Protection, allowing OEMs to quickly identify, assess and mitigate the security threats across entire fleets of vehicles and institute corrective actions whenever needed through Remove Vehicle Updating Services (OTA).

Key Highlights
  • Facilitates the delivery of data communication services on mobile and other networks
  • Has pre-built analytics models covering common industry-wide scenarios
  • Enables remote management of devices
  • Allows Over-the-Air (OTA) orchestration of firmware and software updates

Features and Benefits

Vehicle-Centric Marketplace

An ecosystem marketplace for user downloadable apps, cloud-enabled services and Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs). It provides support for third-party developers, so they may develop and deploy apps & services for consumers.

An Automotive Based Virtual Assistant

A new vehicle personal assistant that interacts with numerous virtual assistants, bots, handles a wide variety of inputs along with the vehicle centric information, processes data (onboard and off-board) in real-time and gets the job done.

Connected Navigation & POI Search

Delivers superior in-vehicle navigation that closely mirrors solutions on mobile devices.

Application Management

Accelerates and simplifies the development of solutions, providing common horizontal solution components, prebuilt accelerators and re-usable scenarios.

Reduces Time to Market Using Pre-packaged Common Industry Use Cases

Pre-packaged use cases cover common industry-wide scenarios such as ride sharing, warranty analytics, driver behavior, fault detection, etc.

Best Practices

Provides best practices and prescriptive guidance so OEMs may leverage cloud computing for its Connected Vehicle architecture.

Multisite, Multi-tenant Operations

Architected and designed for multisite, multi-tenancy operations and can be deployed as a single server instance either in an organization’s private, hybrid or public cloud environment.

Easy Access to Information and Entertainment

Provides easy access to the information and entertainment drivers want – throughout the vehicle/owner lifecycle – with dynamic revenue models for subscription, metering, and licensing.

Actionable Analytics

Helps build applications/services harnessing the power of data from the TCUs/ECUs, vehicle sensors, OEM and Third-party Cloud Solutions.

Device Management

Enables remote management, monitoring, analysis and configuration of connected devices.

Application Management

Accelerates and simplifies the development of solutions, providing common horizontal solution components, prebuilt accelerators and re-usable scenarios.

Remote Vehicle Updating Services (OTA)

Provides Over-the-Air (OTA) orchestration of software and firmware updates, and data collection.

HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform
Topline Benefits

Helps OEMs, Dealers and Third-Party Service Providers to:

  • Offer exceptional customer service through a scalable digital ecosystem that allows it to launch new services and applications, optimize service reliability, and rapidly detect and resolve issues.
  • Ensure that connected vehicle programs are operationally efficient.
  • Achieve greater profitability by supporting complex business models, multiple partners, multiple geographies and markets, different usage rates and scales of service.
  • Streamline everything from software updates to logistics to personalization in one place, and customizes the user experience in a significant new way.
  • Utilize a modular and scalable platform or ecosystem with reusable components, services and APIs.
  • Easily integrates with automakers’ back-end systems.
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