HARMAN Smart Conformal Antenna

Integrating up to 14 antennas into a single device, Smart Conformal Antenna delivers next-gen in-car connectivity with the power of 5G, while enhancing vehicle aesthetics with its minimalistic design.
HARMAN Smart Conformal Antenna
The All-in-One Connectivity Solution

​Smart Conformal Antenna is the automotive industry's only all-in-one antenna assembly which can be mounted inside the vehicle flush with the roof. Combined with 5G technology, this results in a sleek package with improved connectivity and aerodynamics.

High on performance and design, low on weight and cost, this unique solution supports the automotive needs of the digital age, including autonomous driving, OTA updates, and future-ready E/E architectures. ​

Stealth + Speed + Performance

The modern automotive consumer wants next-gen in-cabin experiences such as vehicle to everything, augmented reality, and autonomous driving - all of which require high-speed, low-latency connectivity. The result? More antennas on the roof of a vehicle. This poses a challenge for designers, engineers, and aerodynamicists. 

To address this, HARMAN engineering teams have developed the Telematics Control Unit (TCU)/Smart Conformal Antenna. Integrating the latest 5G technology with up to 14 different vehicle antennas in one sleek package, it allows designers to retain clean exterior lines while delivering superior connectivity on-the-go. The invisible stealth design utilizes an optimized antenna layout and the latest wireless technologies to minimize signal loss and offer next-gen experiences that are responsive, reliable, and dependable.

  • ​Superior 5G experiences, over-the-air configurable by region for DSRC or C-V2X service

  • Network optimization with support for interchangeable NADs

  • Minimal signal loss made possible with integrated antenna/receiver assembly

  • ​​Improved aesthetics and functionality enabled with a design that conceals the entire TCU and antenna assembly under the vehicle’s exterior surface

Primary TCU Functions

Primary TCU Functions

DSRC or C-V2X Enabled

DSRC or C-V2X Enabled
Points of Differentiation

System Cost Saving

  • No expensive and heavy RF antenna cables, saving in material and manufacturing costs

  • A typical car saves up to 62m of cables, 2.4kg weight and USD 65 cost (based on RG58 cable reference)​


Performance Win

  • ​Leading 5G automotive TCU solution

  • Telematics software manages and improves performance and connected user experiences

  • No signal loss between antennas and wireless modems

  • Getting rid of cable loss increases the range of cellular network access and enables higher data rates



  • Industry’s first all-in-one package design, integrating up to 14 antennas

  • Supports premium brand design requirements

  • The perfect combination of stealth operation and high performance


Be Prepared

  • Ready for the next generations of automotive E/E Architectures

  • Supports all necessary features and options for hardware, software, and system integration

  • OTA-configurable by region for DSRC or C-V2X services​

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