Smart Conformal Antenna

The all-in-one connectivity solution
Smart Conformal Antenna
The Antenna Challenge
A modern, connected car may require as many as 18 antennas. Traditional shark fin antennas are limited in the maximum number of antennas inputs and vehicle designers want to minimize, if not, eliminate protrusion to body styling while also supporting 5G consumer experiences.

Streamlining Car and Radio Services

The HARMAN 5G TCU with Smart Conformal Antenna is designed to address these challenges by combining multiple antennas in a single module that can be mounted beneath the vehicle’s body surface and covered with a waterproof, non-conductive cover (radome). It integrates leading automotive 5G connectivity technology with up to 14 different vehicle antennas to offer the industry’s only all-in-one package assembly.

Key Features

Key Features

Aesthetic and Aerodynamic

  • ​Provides a sleek, stealth-like antenna design that is mounted under the body exterior


Flexible Software Services

  • Over-the-air configurable by region for DSRC or C-V2X services


Improved Performance

  • Integrated antenna/receiver assembly minimizes cable signal loss due to long cable distances in the vehicle

Cost and Weight Savings

  • ​Reduced overall package weight up to 3 kg and cable length savings up to $65 per vehicle
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