Over-the-Air (OTA) Insights

Preferred OTA solution for 40 global vehicle manufacturers on 38 million vehicles

Applying Secure, OTA Updates to Connected Vehicles at a Global Scale

As software is redefining how automakers design and build vehicles, it is essential that this software is up to date. Recalls, software bugs or the introduction of new features can have a significant financial impact on the automaker/automotive dealer. The faster an update can be deployed, the more likely costs are reduced, the brand image remains strong, recalls may be avoided, and most importantly, customers are satisfied. Performing remote software updates and vehicle configuration settings on a large fleet of vehicles introduces new challenges such as monitoring the progress of the software update(s), identifying problems encountered in the process and evaluating software adoption rates.

Monitoring OTA Software Update Progress

HARMAN OTA Solution was already selected by more than 40 global vehicle manufacturers on 38 million vehicles to perform remote software and firmware updates.The new OTA Insights add-on provides detailed real-time reporting and analysis on the progress of each OTA software update campaign, network performance, adoption rates of each software update on a per-vehicle level basis and more.

​OTA Insights provides these benefits and additional information by integrating with Tableau. Tableau is currently considered the most efficient Business intelligence (BI) and analytics tool in the world. Using Tableau enables OTA Insights to build extremely informative dashboards and reports that provide analytics and actionable insights. This information includes the penetration of software versions across fleets, models and regions, and provides reasons for low adoption rates and other challenges OEMs and dealerships face in performing the updates. It also helps to increase campaign efficiency, reduce the cost of an update and deliver the in-vehicle customer experience that the automakers envision.

Top-line Benefits
  • End-to-end visibility to all OTA update activities of the automaker/dealer
  • Identify extreme cases and abnormalities in the software update process
  • Gain insights on success and failure rates of each OTA software update campaign, status of each campaign,
  • Hardware and Software install-base (managed and not-managed), penetration of new software versions in the field
  • Reduce costs and complexity associated with software version support by executing new updates quickly
  • Scale on demand to accommodate the growing number of vehicles, software updates, and geographies​

OTA Features and Benefits

Centralized Platform for Data Management
Self-service Portal
Intuitive Reports
Enhanced Analytics Guidance
Proven Success

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