Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Agricultural Vehicles

Enable connected agricultural vehicle manufacturers to greatly reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs
HARMAN Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Agricultural Vehicle Manufacturers
An Era of Software Defined Vehicles
Leveraging decades of experience in this industry, HARMAN supports agricultural vehicle manufacturers worldwide to securely and efficiently manage the multitude of special-purpose vehicles’ configurations and software.

Farmers must continue to be creative in how they leverage technology and must become more efficient when it comes to their farm income – using less land to produce more crops and increase the productivity and yield of farmed acres. As data becomes more available, the importance of data analytics and cloud technologies will grow as farmers continue to focus on the end result: increasing productivity while minimizing vehicle downtime.

HARMAN’s OTA (Over-the-Air) solution enables connected agricultural vehicle manufacturers to greatly reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs thanks to remote software updates, configuration and enhancement of their deployed equipment. A greater use of Smart Farming technologies, such as OTA software updates, is vital to improving a farm’s financial performance and yield.

Key Features

Turnkey Solution

  • Allows frequent software updates, remote vehicle configuration/calibration, and the leveraging of our differential update ​patented technology over current slow in-vehicle CAN-buses
  • Significantly minimize your customers’ equipment downtime


Proven Solution

  • Proven end-to-end solution
  • Agricultural manufacturers can gradually introduce innovation into smart vehicles with confidence

New Business Model

  • ​​​Full control of the vehicle software and configuration of their fleets
  • Offers new billable services such as vehicle-as-a-service, advanced support/maintenance packages, Smart Fleet Management & Driver Assistance Applications, Advanced Map services, third-party application marketplace and more
  • Affordable solution to address aftermarket agricultural use cases via HARMAN OTA-ready smart dongles, opening manufacturers to new revenue streams and enhanced customer support

Uncompromising Security

  • ​Complies with the ever-evolving cybersecurity regulation, requirements and best practices, including the UNECE’s WP.29
  • Allows fast deployment, reduces the operational complexity and the risks of potential vehicle recalls or denial-of-service attacks
  • Addresses security risks via digitally signed and fully authenticated update packages delivered to vehicles under strictest compliance, while adhering to evolving industry security practices

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