HARMAN OTA (Over-the-Air) Solution

Securely managing all in-vehicle software components anywhere and anytime

A Reliable, Convenient, Secure and Economical Way to Update Vehicle Software

HARMAN OTA enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to adapt to an evolving market landscape by securely managing all in-vehicle software components, including firmware, applications, configurations, settings and maps on head units, TCUs (Telematics Control Units) and ECUs (Electronic Control Units); anywhere and at any time – whether on the production line, at dealer lots or on car owners’ driveways. Trusted by more than 40 global vehicle manufacturers and already deployed on 38 million vehicles, the solution is comprised of both backend server components that can either be installed on the customer’s IT premise or hosted by HARMAN, and device side client software components that are installed by the device (TCU/HU/ECU) manufacturer.

Key Features of the OTA Solution Include:

  • 100% field-proven Smart Delta update technology successfully deployed in more than two billion automotive, IoT and mobile devices to date. It allows for update of any software component via the smallest possible, connectivity, storage, and cost-efficient payloads, regardless of OS, chipset and device resource constraints, and with uncompromising security.
  • Device Management capabilities enable manufacturers and carriers to easily deliver device settings and configuration updates, via a range of backend facilities. These include a scalable Device Repository and a Device Settings module, a Settings Orchestrator, which ensures device eligibility and compatibility, and coordinates configuration updates, and a Protocol Engine, which handles seamless and secure delivery over a range of device management protocols.
  • The granular Software Catalog, part of the solution’s extensive enterprise backend infrastructure, enables manufacturers to manage and maintain a library of firmware and software versions of any size and intricacy, for a huge array of diverse connected devices.
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) orchestration of firmware updates, software updates, and data collection can also be enabled using HARMAN SmartAuto, an aftermarket hardware “OBD-II dongle” device that plugs into OBD-II port of any car.

Top-line Benefits
  • Reduces software recalls and warranty-related costs via OTA updates
  • Provides high reliability and accuracy for navigation and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) via ongoing map updates
  • Delivers secure OTA updates throughout the vehicle lifecycle: engineering, production, shipping, dealership and at home
  • Offers uncompromising protection against car connectivity-related cybersecurity threats
  • Makes it easy to add new features and functionality post-production
  • Enables monetization of vehicle connectivity by service activation and introduction of new service​

OTA Features and Benefits

Class-leading Smart Delta Technology
A Powerful Backend for End-to-End Automotive Portfolio Management
Cost-efficient “In Place” Updating - Optimizes the Manufacturing and Maintenance costs
100% Failsafe Delivery
Campaign Management and Reporting
Uncompromising Security

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