Pre-Integrated ADAS
More Safety and Comfort – Less Cost

Enhanced Safety and Comfort for Everyone

Although they provide critical value to consumers in terms of greater safety and comfort, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are still fairly expensive due to the current architectural approach of installing dedicated electronic control units (ECUs) in the vehicle to facilitate this functionality. The evolution of more powerful digital cockpit architectures, prepared for hosting safety-critical functionality up to ASIL B, is making pre-integration of ADAS functionality into the digital cockpit a reality.

Pre-Integrated ADAS

Reducing System Cost and Complexity

Regulatory initiatives are increasingly mandating pre-installed ADAS features to increase safety. Integrating ADAS functionality into the digital cockpit is a smart way for automotive manufacturers to address this, while at the same time reducing overall system cost and complexity. With consumers demanding more comfort and safety features, solutions that enable personalization of the driving experience offer the key to success. Tighter integration of the ADAS and digital cockpit domains enables completely new ways to personalize the driving experience beyond infotainment, and will be a key differentiator for future vehicles.

Key Highlights
  • Pre-integration of ADAS features
  • Increases safety and comfort
  • Reduces system cost and complexity
  • Enables a new level of personalizing the driving experience


  • Next-generation 3D Surround View
  • Lane tracking for localization/lane leveling
  • Image-based object/pedestrian detection
  • Improved visualization based on structure from motion
  • Cross-Traffic Alert support
  • Feature support aligned with global NCAP requirements
  • Drowsiness and distraction detection
  • Cognitive and emotional load detection to drive personalization
  • Gender, age, emotion and child-seat detection
  • Face recognition and authentication
  • Cognitive and emotional load detection
  • Ride personalization and active safety
  • Display-based AR solution
  • Increases traffic safety and facilitates seamless navigation for the driver
  • Open development tool to create and integrate personal applications
  • Merges data from many sources for high reliability and precision (e.g. maps, CAN, gyro, camera)
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