External rear and side-view

Enhanced Field of Vision

Mirrors are critical to automotive safety. However, conventional mirrors have limitations, such as excessive glare, limited field of view, damage susceptibility and aerodynamic drag. Electronic mirrors enhance or replace traditional rear and side-view mirrors, increasing safety, comfort and convenience.

The Thinking Mirror

​HARMAN E-mirror is a camera and display combination that improves visual awareness for drivers and passengers by providing valuable information, such as distance to other vehicles or speed. Where E-mirrors replace conventional mirrors entirely, video of all three views (left/mid/right) appears in the center display or digital rear-view mirror. Mirrors are automatically activated or dimmed based on user gaze and can detect moving objects.​

Key Features


Enhanced View
  • Automatically correct camera distortion with added ability to detect and warn of moving objects


  • Feature set can scale in conjunction with computation platform to offer up to ADAS L2 functionality


  • ​​Integration in different car segments​

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