Driver and Occupant Monitoring System

Improve safety by capturing the driver’s most important first-order biometric features

Monitoring the Driver

HARMAN’s advanced driver monitoring solution uses camera sensors to capture the driver’s most important first-order biometric features, such as gaze, head position and pupil diameter, among many other key facial features. It detects minute fluctuations in pupil diameter and calculates brain activity level, especially high cognitive load.
Automatic Driver Assistance Systems
Key Highlights
  • Senses brain activity, emotion, and facial features, and combines this to provide highly reliable signals relating to engagement and attention
  • Measures minute fluctuations in pupil diameter and calculate cognitive load
  • Measures facial and voice cues to calculate emotional status, in particular, high emotional load
  • For AV hand-off events, dynamic ADAS parameters (increase warning times), adaptive/personalized HMI, etc

Solve the Driver Understanding Gap

Advanced Driver Monitoring Solution

Targeted Reaction

AI means highly accurate, fast and personalized results. It takes advantage of modern compute platforms coming to today’s vehicles. The goal is to ensure driver engagement at all times. DMS responses are emotion-based playlists, customized alerts or cognition-based lighting. For future scenarios, the system facilitates the difficult hand-over process for autonomous driving at Level 3 and above.

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