Augmented Surround View <br>An Enhanced Driver Perspective

A New Environmental Experience

A car’s structure always limits the driver’s view of the surroundings to a certain extent, which can lead to dangerous situation. The HARMAN Augmented Surround View system monitors the blind spots and those areas the driver might miss and provides a better understanding of what’s happening in the immediate vicinity. Especially in cities, where the volume of traffic and pedestrians can be overwhelming for any driver, the Surround View system can help avoid accidents in multiple scenarios.
Augmented Surround View

An Intelligent System that Saves Cost

Although the Augmented Surround View is an extensive and complex ADAS feature, it can be combined with any existing compute platform and can be integrated into the digital cockpit. This leads to significant savings in system cost and weight. In addition, the integration of four to eight cameras eliminates an extra ECU. Four cameras (min. 1 MP) create a 360° view of the car, utilizing the compute platform to monitor record and assess the vehicle surroundings to generate content for the driver. The system is upgradeable and recordable over-the-air and the integration with the HARMAN Ignite Platform makes it a building block for cloud-based analytics.

Visualization Process

HARMAN Surround View system
ADAS 360 surround view