Smart Delta for Maps (OTA)

Reduce map update sizes by leveraging the Smart Delta Technology
HARMAN Smart Delta for Maps (OTA)
Map Updates for Connected Vehicles

Map updates are performed on vehicles to refresh the data on a vehicles navigation and safety systems. Information on new and updated roads, signage, points of interest, speed limits and more will optimize the route suggestions made to the driver.​​

In a world of continually evolving electronic devices (e.g., automotive ECUs, embedded modules and M2M devices), it is no longer feasible to visit a dealership every time an update is needed. At HARMAN, we enable the OEM and consumer to update their devices remotely while reducing the cost of data transfer and storage. McKinsey & Co. predicts that the car-generated data market will become a $450 billion business by 2030, further strengthening the importance of data transfer and storage costs. 

HARMAN OTA Solution was already selected by more than 40 global vehicle brands and deployed on more than 50 million vehicles to perform remote software and firmware updates. With the HARMAN Smart Delta for Maps product, Automotive OEMs will now be able to update their on-board maps in a cost-effective and a timely manner. The solution allows them to reduce the size of map updates to a large extent by leveraging the Smart Delta technology. The HARMAN Smart Delta for Maps solution identifies only the amended, new data in the map as compared to the previous version. It then extracts and applies the new information to the existing map on the vehicle. This reduces the cost, transfer and amount of storage required on the vehicle. This ability to handle continuous updates exists both within regions and in region-less files, such as the “global” files.​

Key Features

Smart Optimization

  • ​​​Optimized map updates are performed automatically, with minimal or no input from the driver, through any available wireless network (Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.)​


Smallest Package

  • ​Industry’s smallest differential map update package - as low as 2.5% of the full map size​

For Maps and ADAS

  • Enables frequent updates of on-board maps for navigation and safety systems​​


Supports NDS Format

  • Supports various types of maps in Navigation Data Standard (NDS) format​

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