Smart Delta Updates for Maps (OTA)

Map Updates for Connected Vehicles

Map updates are performed on vehicles to refresh the data on a vehicle’s navigation and safety systems. Information on new and updated roads, signage, points of interest, speed limits and more optimize the route suggestions made to the driver. Automotive OEMs, location-based service providers and end-to-end mapping solution providers use different methods for keeping maps up-to-date. These methods include updating the full map, the tiles or only the data vectors (layers). With such methods, OEMs must incur tremendous costs due to map size, which affects the throughput, required bandwidth and on-board storage.

Effectively Update Maps via Smart Delta OTA

With the HARMAN Smart Delta for Maps product, Automotive OEMs will now be able to update their on-board maps in a cost-effective and a timely manner. The solution allows them to reduce the size of map updates to a large extent by leveraging the Smart Delta technology. HARMAN’s Smart Delta for Maps identifies only the amended, new data in the map as compared to the previous version. It then extracts and applies the new information to the existing map on the vehicle. This reduces the cost, transfer and amount of storage required on the vehicle. This ability to handle continuous updates exists both within regions and in region-less files, such as the “global” files.

Key Components of the Smart Delta Solution

  • Map Update Generator - extracts only the essential differences between map versions
  • Map Update Agent - orchestrates the update process and applies the changes to the existing map to create an updated version of the map​