HARMAN Test Automation Framework

Identify critical software errors well in advance of the software release
Test Automation Framework
Vehicles today have more than one hundred built-in or installed Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and over ten million lines of software code. The number and complexity of ECUs in vehicles are ever increasing, and there is constant pressure on manufacturers to ensure that ECU software is safe, reliable, released on time and does not result in expensive vehicle recalls. Test automation helps automakers identify critical software errors well in advance of the software release.

Automating Testing for Connected Car Displays

Test automation reduces manual labor and enables the testing personnel to focus on identifying more challenging test cases. It allows the mundane testing to be performed by the Test Automation Framework. This type of testing also ensures reproducibility of test conditions and test case failures, thereby enabling an easy method of identifying the root cause of the errors. The framework can be used on automotive infotainment systems across phases such as software integration, software qualification, system integration and system test. The framework develops a smart, simple and an intuitive method for writing test cases with no dependency on scripting and/or programming skills. It offers support to define a detailed test reporting mechanism as an outcome of automated text execution.
  • ​Automated test setup without any additional investment on test tools or test hardware
  • Automated overnight test capability
  • Measures and reports performance for each test case​
  • ​Useful to reproduce test case failures and to find issues which cannot be caught manually 
  • Very little ramp up time to install, understand and use
  • Saves interoperability cycle time

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