HARMAN Software Developer Experience

Shaping the Third Automotive Revolution
HARMAN Software Developer Experience

The automotive industry is seeing a seismic shift with three ongoing technology disruptions: Electrification, Autonomy, and Software-Defined vehicles. Through developer tools underpinned by Open Standards and Open Source Software, HARMAN enables the vision of a Software-Defined vehicle. Our tools enhance developer productivity and collaboration in an increasingly fragmented and complex automotive software landscape.​

Our Philosophy

  • Enabling Software Developers with tools for accelerated development at reduced costs. 

  • Embracing Open Source and Open Standards to manage software development and integration complexity.

  • Scalability to support rapid introduction of new software products.

Hardware-based innovation has been the historical hallmark of the automotive industry. However, solely optimizing the vehicle system through hardware has reached a point of diminishing returns. As a result, the industry has started to focus on software to differentiate products while keeping costs low. The ultimate goal is to create a Software-Defined Vehicle, essentially a software platform on wheels. Such a platform would provide endless opportunities for new and exciting in-vehicle experiences for the consumer. It would also offer limitless monetization opportunities for OEMs and developers through various applications and services. 

Harman Automotive is building the necessary tooling across the entire software development cycle to enable SDV. The developer tools product portfolio will be founded on and differentiated by a philosophy of development based on Open Standards and Open Source Software components.  Open and Standardized software tools will help the automotive industry eliminate incompatibilities in SDV development approaches, foster collaboration, and reduce integration complexity.

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Our Developer Focused Initiatives

The Eclipse Foundation’s SDV Work Group has played a significant role in developing Open Source Software components to enable the vision of a Software-Defined Vehicle. As part of this Work Group, HARMAN is building world-class in-vehicle experiences while allowing our customers to thrive in collaborative vehicle development environments.

“We are thrilled to join The Eclipse Foundation’s SDV working group, which will play a key role in influencing the next generation of vehicles” – Heiko Huettel, VP Software Products.

​The SOAFEE VISION is to bring cloud-native development paradigm and its ubiquitous ecosystem to the highly diverse, heterogeneous compute platforms that will power the next generation of automotive and safety critical systems.​ 

As part of the SOAFEE foundation, HARMAN collaborates with other community members to develop a seamless, cloud-based architecture to accelerate the industry's evolution toward Software-Defined vehicles.​

​Backed by years of software development experience in the automotive and consumer technology domains, HARMAN is uniquely positioned to provide solutions that enhance automotive developer productivity. We bring a deep knowledge of developer utilities such as OTA update solutions and cloud services to the table. HARMAN  currently supports a thriving developer community associated with Ignite Store, our in-vehicle app store solution. ​​

Key Solutions

HARMAN Ignite Store
HARMAN Ignite Store is a leading connected vehicle platform that enables car makers (OEMs) to develop, manage and operate their own in-vehicle app store. Compliant with Android Automotive OS, HARMAN Ignite Store was recognized as Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Award and has been selected by large global OEMs as their solution of choice to offer rich, in-vehicle experiences to the consumer.
HARMAN Ignite Service Delivery Platform
HARMAN Ignite SDP allows OEMs, dealers, fleet management companies and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud services and apps meeting the convenience, information, and entertainment needs of customers around the world. In addition, HARMAN Ignite SDP enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics, cybersecurity and managed services capabilities, in a SaaS model.
Over-the-Air (OTA)
HARMAN OTA enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to adapt to an evolving market landscape by securely managing all in-vehicle software components, including firmware, applications, configurations, settings and maps on head units, TCUs (Telematics Control Units) and ECUs (Electronic Control Units); anywhere and at any time – whether on the production line, at dealerships or on car owners’ driveways.
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