Consumer Benefit: Accomplishment

A feeling of accomplishment doesn’t come easy when you are moving from one place to another in your everyday busy life.  The Accomplishment consumer benefit includes enhanced efficiency and optimized capabilities while traveling on any journey.  For enhanced efficiency, it provides connectivity across the ecosystem of smart devices to enhance personalization and control over all aspects of life.  Optimized capabilities that lead to a feeling of accomplishment include convergent technologies that support the ability to efficiently multitask and prioritize focus. 

HARMAN Solutions for Accomplishment

Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council
Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council
The Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council was formed to encourage collaboration among an exclusive group of automotive executives, analysts and industry insiders. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to uncover best practices and foster cross-industry innovation to define and improve the in-vehicle experience for consumers.
Headerimage 360 Degree Premium Automotive Services
360° Premium Automotive Services
HARMAN provides Premium Automotive Services to boost our customer’s ability to meet aggressive goals to address these changing market demands.
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