Digital Cockpit Platforms

Customers are seeking a fully connected, personalized and highly intuitive cockpit experience that integrates their vehicles into their digital lifestyles. Automakers face new challenges because of these demands, while balancing cost and resources. To help them tackle these challenges, HARMAN offers a scalable hardware and software platform for integrated cockpit solutions, leveraging any cloud platform connected by 4G/5G telematics. For automakers, the integrated solution is cost and weight efficient, and scaling the platform across all vehicle lines is straightforward. For the customer, the result means seamless integration and a high level of customization for a small premium.

Entry Platform

  • Cost-effective platform
  • Entry-level SOC with type-1 hypervisor
  • Full digital cluster with integrated digital ASIL-B telltales
  • Harmonious user experience across displays
  • Configurable UX to support single and dual display
  • Display Audio IVI feature set based on Linux:
    • Smartphone integration via BT, USB, Wi-Fi, media player
    • Integrated voice assistant & portable personalization via phone & cloud
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infographic platform benefits - reduce weigth, reduce complexity, lower power consumption, enabel design innovation

Entry Cockpit Demo

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Mid / High Platform

  • Scalable compute platform
  • Premium SOC with type-1 hypervisor
  • Rich IVI based on Android-embedded (or Linux)
  • Rich cluster HMI based on RTOS (RTLinux)
  • Rich UX, content sharing across domains & displays
  • HIGH: Highly flexible solution, 7 displays, ambient lighting, e-mirrors, Intelligent Personal Assistant
  • MID: System design as High; lower cost, optimized performance & memory footprint, 2-3 displays, ambient lighting, Intelligent Personal Assistant
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Premium Cockpit demo

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