Two languages – one goal: Safety

Making the Roads Safer

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) defines the peer-to-peer communications protocols that enable enhanced situational awareness between vehicles, whether piloted by humans or by machine. The industry has developed a wide range of V2X applications that accommodate both routine and urgent traffic situations ranging from cross intersection warnings and nearby emergency vehicles to blind spot warnings that help to prevent accidents in connection with lane changes. Even road detours for construction, traffic flow or traffic accidents can be signaled through the use of V2X. Soon, even pedestrians will benefit from the safety enhancements of V2X on their mobile phones.

The New Standard for Vehicle Communication

Up to now, V2X communications have been enabled through the use of Direct Short Range Communications (DSRC), a technology similar to the same Wi-Fi technologies that we use every day. As we enter into the 5G era, a new protocol is coming to the forefront: Cellular V2X (C-V2X) which is defined as part of the 5G network standard. With 5G on the verge of becoming reality, HARMAN offers a choice of either (or both) protocols.

Flexibility and Reduced Market Risk

By employing a modular approach to V2X, HARMAN offers automakers a lower risk way to ensure that their vehicles are outfit with the necessary technology to speak the right safety language in each market. Where markets have not yet decided which protocol to adopt, HARMAN can provide a dual mode system, which can be switched with an over-the-air command. Applications for V2X have been written in a hardware independent way and as new use cases are created, OTA updates can bring the fleet up to the latest and greatest functionality.
Key Highlights
  • Enables new applications that improve driver situational awareness and safety
  • Modular approach to V2X including legacy DSRC protocol and emerging C-V2X protocol, defined by the 5G network standard
  • Offers an over-the-air switchover once markets have aligned on adopted protocol

V2X Elements

HARMAN V2X communication

Allows the car to communicate directly with other cars
--> Cars can share their current position or critical traffc alerts in the event of accidents


Enables communication between cars and road infrastructure
--> Cars and traffic lights can communicate in a smart network to avoid traffic jam


Enables the car to communicate with any electronic device
--> A cyclist can be detected by a car because of his/her smartphone


Enables communication between cars and pedestrians
--> The pedestrian’s smartwatch or mobile phone alerts him/her about a fast-approaching car

Smart home

Enables the communication between the vehicle and the driver’s smart home
--> The smart home knows when the car will reach the house and turns on the heating and the light


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