V2X - Vehicle To Everything

HARMAN and Samsung are pushing forward the digitalization of the car and thus paving the way to autonomous driving. With 5G on the verge of becoming reality, HARMAN enables cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) for all communication between the car and its environment. This includes other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights or road signs. 5G-V2X offers low-latency peer-to-peer communications, which eliminates the need for a cell tower. C-V2X enables applications that utilize vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) video feeds for use cases that can help drivers overtake large vehicles safely or warn them of imminent road hazards. HARMAN/Samsung and key automaker stakeholders inside and outside the 5G Automotive Association are developing new applications relating to safety and efficiency, and for commercial use.

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Allows the car to communicate directly with other cars

Cars can share their current position or critical traffic alerts in the event of accidents  


Enables communication between cars and road infrastructure

Cars and traffic lights can communicate in a smart network to avoid traffic jams


Enables the car to communicate with any electronic device

A car can detect cyclists via their smartphones


Enables communication between cars and pedestrians

The pedestrian’s smart watch alerts its wearer to a fast-approaching car

Smart home

Enables communication between the vehicle and the driver’s smart home

The smart home knows when the car will arrive and turns on the heating and light

In order to keep everything moving smoothly, V2X systems will allow participating vehicles to communicate with each other, share sensor information and accept directions from infrastructure control systems. The first systems will provide non-distractive safety information. As autonomous vehicles come onstream, this information will be a key element of vehicle control. Automotive and transportation industry groups are defining the use cases demonstrated today. The arrival of low-latency, high-bandwidth telecommunications networks like 5G, will give rise to new applications and use cases that will enhance safety, efficiency and operating cost. 

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