Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Heavy Trucks

HARMAN OTA is the industry-leading solution for managing full-vehicle software and keeping it up-to-date
HARMAN Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Truck and Bus Vehicle Manufacturers
An Era of Software Defined Vehicles
The transportation industry is undergoing a major transformation driven by new technologies that enable companies to increase both productivity and profitability. GM Insights predict the U.S. heavy-duty trucks market will exceed $430 billion by 2026 to support the increased demand to carry materials, goods, tools and equipment.

​The performance of companies in the transportation industry is highly impacted by their operational efficiency. Today, software updates for the various ECUs present on a typical truck/bus are mostly carried out manually and require an industry average of 2.3 days of downtime. Even when performed automatically, OTA software updates can take several hours, including immobilization of the truck for a full workday or longer in specialized locations. Therefore, poorly managing or not executing software updates​ can take a serious toll on business productivity. Introducing a proven OTA software update mechanism and a supporting in-vehicle architecture enables innovative truck and bus manufacturers to better serve their customers by remotely updating their fleets on the road with virtually zero downtime, improving productivity and minimizing maintenance-related costs.

Based on its current advanced OTA technology and industry expertise, HARMAN OTA can be integrated to any E/E architecture selected by the truck manufacturers and is optimized for an OTA configuration and to update/validate ECUs on the road with near-zero interruptions. These activities are all streamlined by a central back-end system that manages the entire truck group fleet (all brands within the truck group, all models/sub-models, all countries, etc.).​

Key Features

Strong Foundation with Minimal Vehicle Downtime

  • Leveraging a turnkey OTA/device management service from the market leader allows you to focus on your core competencies and allocate your engineering resources to increase ROI and establish a long-lasting competitive advantage.
  • The combination of frequent software updates, remote vehicle configuration/calibration, and the leveraging of our differential update patented technology over current slow in-vehicle CAN-buses significantly minimizes your customers’ equipment downtime.​

New Business Models and New Billable Services

  • Full control of the vehicle software and configuration of their fleets with the possibility of utilizing new business models and being able to offer new billable services, including vehicle-as-a-service, advanced support/maintenance packages, Smart Fleet Management & Driver Assistance Applications, Advanced Map services, third-party application marketplace and more.
  • Affordable solution to address after-market truck use cases also via HARMAN OTA-ready smart dongles, opening manufacturers to new revenue streams and enhanced customer support.​

Reduced Time-to-Market for Your Innovations

  • Taking advantage of the HARMAN proven end-to-end solution, truck and bus manufacturers can gradually introduce innovation into smart vehicles with confidence.​


Uncompromising Security

  • The HARMAN solution complies with the ever-evolving cybersecurity regulation, requirements and best practices, including the UNECE’s WP.29, which goes into effect in some countries in January 2021.
  • Our winning model allows for fast deployment, reduces the operational complexity and the risks of potential vehicle recalls or denial-of-service attacks.
  • The solution addresses security risks via digitally signed and fully authenticated update packages delivered to vehicles under strictest compliance, while adhering to evolving industry security practices.
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