WP.29 Regulation

Rapid response to regulatory changes
WP29 Regulation
The cyber risk of connected cars has become clear to OEMs over the past few years. They understand the need to manage the cyber risks of hyper-connectivity to prevent data breaches between the car and the cloud, identify vulnerabilities from the ECU to the vehicle level, and ensure system safety and integrity. 

The Android Operating System is one of the most popular operating system in use today. Its open-source nature enables adaption to a wide range of devices. However, Android OS was never designed for the automotive industry. While some Android features were designed for this market, they are add-ons, and not part of the OS’ core. These shortcomings become more evident as we investigate security and privacy in the context of a moving vehicle. Android brings to the automotive industry new threat scenarios. The HARMAN Automotive Security Suite comes to bridge this gap and provide automakers with a secure way to introduce Android OS into the vehicle.​

​The cybersecurity regulation of WP.29 is constructed in two parts:​

  • Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) –​ Organization-level processes and responsibilities to treat risk  associated with cyber threats to vehicles and protect them from cyberattacks. The CSMS should be applied  to the following product lifecycle phases: development, production and post-production.
  • Type Approval – Implementation of the security processes defined in the CSMS on a specific vehicle type.​​​


CSMS WP29 Regulation

WP.29 Packages

Training and Knowledge Package
(1 month)

  • ​Training, education, and knowledge sharing on cybersecurity processes relevant to WP.29 CSMS, starting from the basic security process and on to specific WP.29 CSMS requirements.​

Gap Analysis
(2 months)

  • ​HARMAN Security Architects will analyze the OEMs existing organizational processes for WP.29 compliance, indicating the gap that needs to be filled for CSMS certification readiness.​

Full Support Services
(6 months)

  • HARMAN Security Architects will provide full support for WP.29 CSMS certification including, gap analysis and recommendations, preparation for full certification audit, and support for post-audit activity.​
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