Telematics Control Unit

Fundamental to the connected car is a communications hub, often referred to as a telematics control unit (TCU). HARMAN offers TCU modules and associated telematics solutions to automakers worldwide, supporting a host of functions ranging from emergency calls (eCall) at the touch of a button to extended connectivity options such as real-time traffic reports and service bookings. HARMAN's next-generation telematics systems also have the ability to interface directly with HARMAN's cloud-based analytics and server platform, offering automakers a managed services platform to update a variety of infotainment and other vehicle systems over-the-air (OTA).  

4G & Smart TCU

Support a host of functions ranging from emergency to real-time traffic reports and service bookings. Users can perform OTA software updates for any electronic control unit located in the car    


Small TCU within Conformal Antenna  

  • Extremely compact design  
  • Withstands challenging environmental conditions  
  • Size/weight optimization  
  • Thermal simulation/optimization  
smart TCU features
digital car


The TCU has a self-updating client to keep itself up to date at all times. The updates are played via a cloud onto the TCU and from there onto the numerous ECUs. With this approach, HARMAN tackles the challenge of updating the whole car.  

5G Smart TCU

The automotive industry is now at a critical intersection of technology where communication, information and control have become pervasive aspects of everyday life. With the first-to-market 5G-ready telematics control unit (TCU), HARMAN enables real-world vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and lays the groundwork for automated driving. 5G enables speeds of up to 20 Gbps, facilitating connectivity one hundred times faster than LTE.  

graphic Diagramm tcu

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