OTA Smart Delta updates for Maps

Map updates are performed to refresh the data on a vehicle’s navigation and safety systems. Information on new and updated roads, signage, points of interest, speed limits and more optimize route suggestions for the driver. Automotive OEMs, location-based service providers and end-to-end mapping solution providers use different methods for keeping maps up-to-date. These methods include updating the full map, the tiles or only the data vectors (layers). With such methods, OEMs must incur tremendous costs due to map size which affects the throughput, required bandwidth and on-boards storage.    HARMAN OTA Smart Delta updates for maps greatly reduces these costs.    

we understand that keeping

“As an automaker, we understand that keeping the map data for the navigation and safety systems up-to-date is of paramount importance to support ADAS features, as well as autonomous driving. However, it is an expensive activity due to the map size involved. HARMAN’s OTA solution powered by Smart Delta technology enables car manufacturers and independent map providers to have small update packages containing only the changes. This enables frequent map updates at less cost.”  


Connected car executive, San Jose, CA.

Smart Delta updates for maps (OTA)

With nearly 20 years of over-the-air expertise, HARMAN OTA solution has already been selected by 24 global OEMs and more than 30 million vehicles on the road today are equipped with the industry-leading OTA solution. HARMAN is enabling vehicle manufacturers and independent map providers to deploy Smart Delta technology and keep their on-board navigation systems continuously up-to-date, clearing the way for new value-added services for consumers and passengers.

Smart Delta updates for maps (OTA)
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Effectively update maps with HARMAN Smart Delta

With the HARMAN Smart Delta for maps product, automotive OEMs are now able to update their on-board maps in a cost-effective and timely manner. The solution allows them to reduce the size of map updates considerably by leveraging Smart Delta technology. HARMAN’s Smart Delta for maps identifies only the amended, new data in the map compared to the previous version. It then extracts and applies the new information to the existing map on the vehicle. 

  • Class-leading Smart Delta technology – eliminates the need to replace entire maps or event files. 
  • Map updates process optimize the update time, and RAM utilization.
  • Industry’s smallest differential map update package – as low as 2.5 percent of the full map size.
  • Enables frequent updates of on-board maps for navigation and safety systems.
  • Supports various types of maps in Navigation Data Standard (NDS) format.