Services for Analytics Applications

Data capture, data management and visualizations services to solve current and future roadmap as well as quality issues
Services for Analytics Applications
In recent years, automakers have been working with many technology providers and making major investments to deliver the most advanced, safest and most comfortable vehicles. Big Data, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and cloud platforms are radically transforming the automotive industry. The vehicles are becoming more data-centric and OEMs are striving to continually enhance the personalized driving experience. To unleash the full potential of the vehicle data and related data aggregated from different sources, OEMs and Tier-One suppliers need to augment their teams with a uniquely qualified and experienced partner.

HARMAN Services for Analytics Applications

HARMAN has the capability to help build solutions that provide intelligent and efficient vehicle data capture, data management to consolidate multiple event sources, and targeted visualization to solve current and future OEM roadmap and quality issues. 
HARMAN Services for analytics applications

​“I am a shrewd and careful driver. However, I was always afraid of reckless driving of others or any other factors that might lead to accidents. Today, I am more relaxed as my car powered by HARMAN intelligently avoids collision with the help of advanced sensors, big and fast data, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology and more. I know that my drive is safer than it has ever been.”  

Attorney, Paris, France.

Build automotive data analytics applications effortlessly

HARMAN is the automotive industry leader for in vehicle analytics and telematics solutions, and helps automotive ecosystem partners in fulfilling internal and external data monetization needs. Some notable areas where HARMAN helps automakers to build analytics applications that would improve their top-line and bottom-line are as follows:
Self-learning Vehicles
Predictive Maintenance
Accident Management
Warranty Frauds
Intelligent Auto Marketing
Driver Fingerprint
Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • ​1500+ Data Scientists that can augment OEM’s in-house analytics team
  • Flexible engagement models that support OEM needs and extract greatest value
  • Industry leader on Data Management and compliance to worldwide regulations
  • Further enhance vehicle data value using other data sources 
  • Capture and manage critical vehicle events for Data Visualization and Vehicle Fleet Insights.
  • Develops business cases and executes pilot programs to gain more confidence in the Analytics roadmap
  • Reduces complex agreements and data management from disparate locations
  • Assists in building architecture that brings data to the cloud which is highly consistent across devices (TCU, OBDII, ECU, HU), vehicle models and OEMs. 
  • Engagement models that HARMAN supports are: Fixed price project, Dedicated team to augment OEM’s in-house Analytics team, Off-shore development team and Build-Operate-Transfer. 

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