External rear and side-view

Enhanced Field of Vision

In traffic, good visibility is essential, especially in critical situations on narrow streets or on highways. HARMAN’s new approach is to assist the driver in an intelligent and intuitive way and increase safety, comfort and convenience. HARMAN E-mirrors enhance or replace traditional rear and side-view mirrors. The mirrors are further augmented by valuable information such as distance to other vehicles or their speed. Where E-mirrors replace conventional mirrors entirely, video of all three views (left/mid/right) appears in the center display or digital rear-view mirror.

The Thinking E-mirror

The HARMAN E-mirror is not merely another in-car display – it is an intelligent assistant that delivers the view the driver needs. For example, the mirror activates or dims automatically based on user gaze. The system can even detect moving objects and sound an alarm if things get too close. During overtaking, the mirror enlarges the view most important to the driver. Furthermore, the system corrects distortions and provides helpful additional information such as distances while parking and maneuvering.
Key Highlights
  • ​E-mirrors enhance or replace the traditional rear- and side-view mirrors
  • The intelligent Compute Platform always delivers the right view
  • Driving safety is greatly enhanced by features like blind-spot warning and lane-change assist
  • The modular system enables integration in different car segments

HARMAN E-mirror System Components

HARMAN E-mirror System
Technical Details

​Mirror fully integrated into compute platform or using a standalone ECU
Option A: single camera, single display for internal rear-view mirror replacement (1:1:1 configuration)
Option B: left/right rear-view mirror and two displays (2:1:2 or 2:2:2 configuration)
Option C: 3:1:3 configuration​

Technical Features

​Image distortion correction

Mirror augmentation

​​Curbside view
Safety Features
​ASIL B compliant
Blind spot warning
Lane change assist
Rear collision warning

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