EV Plus+ Concept

Compromise - Free EV

Fully immersive premium audio and new personalized experiences at the touch of a button, without the fear of impacting range.
When it comes to electric vehicles, range anxiety and compromised user experience are the commonly stated top consumer pain points.​
Meet Jack, a tech guru who works a high-pressure job in the city. He’s an outdoor enthusiast who cares deeply about the environment, which is why he relies on an electric vehicle for his daily commute and weekend adventures.
GUI of the Screen
Read our interactive brochure to understand how HARMAN solutions are making Jack's experience compromise-free.
Key Benefits
  • ​Ecotect System Design delivers superior performance with reduced weight, complexity and power consumption, compared to a traditional system 
  • Cloud-based Audio Marketplace, powered by HARMAN Ignite, provides a unique open-ended offering for added features and functionality over the life of the vehicle
  • Software-enabled branded audio unlocks a premium audio experience at the touch of a button

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