CES 2019 Virtual Tour

CES 2019 Virtual Tour

Excited Explorer

This zone features a compact electric vehicle to showcase an economical solution that provides powerful user customization and personalization of life experiences across multiple ecosystems (home, car and on-the-go).
Header image CES HARMAN Excited Explorer Zone

Performance Seeker

The ultimate intelligent personalization for drivers and passengers with HARMAN's best-in-class technology. This experience brings together the advanced connectivity, enhanced-safety cloud services, premium audio and improved efficiencies only HARMAN can provide.
Header image CES HARMAN Performance Seeker Zone

Communication Pioneer

Leveraging the world's leading microphone, voice-processing and noise-cancelling technologies, HARMAN is launching a new suite of premium communication solutions.
Header image HARMAN CES Communication Pioneer Zone

Intelligent Sensors

HARMAN’s experience with connected car technologies such as over-the-air updates, cloud services and telematics makes it a truly full-range ADAS supplier to automakers. Explore our latest ADAS technologies and experience how various camera and sensor technologies empower a safer driving experience now and in future.
Header image HARMAN CES Intelligent Sensors Zone

Sound Design

For autonomous environments of the future, HARMAN delivers adaptable premium audio and integrated design optimized for dynamic, variable seating environments and activities. Enablers showcased at CES 2019 include AudioworX, Advanced Array processing, VirtualWORKS and Huemen Design Integration.
Header image HARMAN CES Sound Design Zone

Cloud Enhanced Mobility

HARMAN Personi-Fi technology delivers cloud-based personalized audio on any device wherever you are; in the home, in the car and on-the-go. Through the use of a custom application, users can create listener profiles to optimize the sound EQ based on their individual audio preferences.
Header image HARMAN CES Cloud Enhanced Mobility Zone

Automotive Operations Center

The Automotive Operations Center (AOC) is the central nervous system of the immersive environment controlling the connected experience. It showcases the intelligence powering the driving and ownership experience, and is an area where HARMAN technology comes alive. Automakers and supply chain partners can explore how to create customers for life.
Header image HARMAN CES Automotive Operations Center Zone

Autonomous Ecosystems

This zone showcases HARMAN as the number-one technology and integration partner for innovative mobility ecosystems. The HARMAN technologies that enable the Rinspeed microSNAP make our rides safer, more sustainable, more comfortable and more personalized in an L5 autonomous world.
Header image HARMAN CES Autonomous Ecosystems Zone
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