What’s the Experience Per Mile outlook for powersport products?

Patrick Weldon, Director of Advanced Technology at Polaris

Unlocking a winning consumer experience with off-road vehicles

Special guest Patrick Weldon, Director of Advanced Technology at Polaris, joins guest host Jeffery Hannah, Director of North America at SBD Automotive, for this episode of the podcast. Patrick shares how people using off road vehicles benefit from hyper-individualized, connected experiences and value togetherness during their mobility journey.
Patrick Weldon


​This special episode of the Experiences Per Mile podcast is guest hosted by Jeffrey Hannah, Director of North America at SBD Automotive and co-facilitator of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council.

Jeff is joined by Patrick Weldon, Director of Advanced Technology at Polaris. Patrick leads the advanced technology portfolio across all Polaris platforms, and directs technical teams and corporate strategy in mergers and acquisitions of key technologies from startups to equity investments, partnerships, and internal R&D into all aspects of business and engineering. During this discussion, Patrick shares how powersports products can unlock a winning consumer experience.​

Key Takeaways

[2:09] Patrick explains what Experiences Per Mile mean to him

[3:16] Giving powersport product users time to explore and to feel a sense of accomplishment

[6:19] Why Polaris decided to join the EPM Advisory Council

[8:25] The impacts of Polaris' strategy of togetherness to its products and services

[10:21] The pack mentality and what it means to Polaris

[11:30] The Ride Command platform and what connectivity means for enabling new outdoor experiences

[14:03] Changes in the mobility space as a result of COVID-19 and how it impacted Polaris buying behavior

[16:45] The Polaris electrification strategy for its product line

[18:50] Patrick shares his predictions of what the future will hold for the industry

[21:26] Discussion of the most recent Polaris innovations​

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Digital transformation has to be customer-centered—customers must be connected while being outdoors. #technology #experience #Polaris #ExperiencesPerMile #EPM2030

Ride Command evolved to be a new platform that connects the riders in the vehicle to the ones outside of the vehicle. #technology #experience #connection #Polaris #ExperiencesPerMile #EPM2030​​


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