TCU Platform

A world of connectivity in one box

Integrated and Futureproof

5G is on its way and will facilitate a whole new dimension of connectivity. Industry demand is already increasing rapidly and consumer demand, stimulated by mobile industry mass marketing, will emerge by 2025 at the latest. Pure 4G TCUs will face a sundown risk before end-of-life, which is why HARMAN’s integrated TCUs can be pre-enabled to also handle 5G protocols – activated easily via over-the-air updates. Even current 4G NADs are 5G-capable on refarmed bands that will come available in 2026. HARMAN TCUs help automakers stay futureproof and significantly extend vehicle lifespan.

From 4G to 5G in One Step

TCU Platform for Automotive

Scalable Off-the-shelf and Fast-to-market

Modern cars receive thousands of data sets per second that must be processed in real time. This calls for high computing and connectivity capacity paired with minimal energy consumption and package size. HARMAN delivers a scalable, flexible and robust telematics platform solution that addresses current and future technologies, with a design to cost philosophy and accelerated time-to-market. Design goals included the elimination of the cost, complexity and reliability risk of coax cables and connectors through the implementation of integrated antenna solutions. In addition, pre-certified global and scalable NADs are now available, leading to significant reductions in development cost and timescales with minimal or no platform modification.
Key Highlights
  • Single modem delivers 4G or 5G functionality
  • Design to cost by minimizing development, qualification and certification work
  • Worldwide pre-certified NADs and TCUs for major MNOs
  • Easy to tailor for different cost and application needs​

Platform Features

Automotive Telematics Control Unit platform

Types of 5G-ready TCUs

Types of 5G-ready TCUs
5G-ready TCU
  • 4G NADs capable of handling 5G protocol
  • RF front-end limited to 2G, 3G and 4G bands
  • “Re-farmed” channels will begin to come available for 5G by 2026
  • 5G may be activated via OTA
  • Reduced price compared to full 5G-ready NAD (below)​
Fully 5G-ready TCU
  • Hardware supports 5G bands n77, n78, n79 (sub-6 GHz)
  • Purchase of 5G upgrade possible at any time at dealer or through e-commerce direct to consumer
  • 5G functionality can be activated via OTA
  • Activation can be ordered by OEM, MNO or customer​

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