Automotive Cybersecurity

Connected Vehicle sales continue to grow and will reach an estimated 380 million vehicles by 2020, according to Business Insider Intelligence.  More connectivity inevitably means an increased threat to security – a high priority concern for automakers and consumers alike.  This is true especially as the proliferation of data across different connected devices makes them more vulnerable than ever before.  This concern creates a business need for HARMAN SHIELD, a far-reaching and highly sophisticated suite of products and technologies that provide scalable end-to-end cybersecurity for connected and ultimately autonomous vehicles.

Customer Quote HARMAN SHIELD

“As I hear more each day about the vulnerability of my data used online and in retail stores, I am more concerned than ever before about ensuring my security anywhere I go – and now, even in my connected vehicle. I want to make sure that my vehicle is always under my control and it isn’t being influenced by someone or something with ill intent.  Therefore, I am happy my manufacturer has produced my vehicle with HARMAN SHIELD inside.”  Cardiologist, 52 years old, Berlin, Germany.

HARMAN SHIELD is the most comprehensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) to detect, manage, mitigate and respond to cyberattacks on connected vehicles. The solution provides a modular scalable architecture and its key components include:

  • In-Vehicle Agents – embedded in and protecting key entry-points to critical assets, including TCUs, Head units, and central gateways. HARMAN SHIELD agents all employ award-wining IDS technology and are equipped with full backend reporting capabilities and over-the-air updatability.
  • HARMAN SHIELD Smart Client – a centralized client-side orchestrator to provide smart aggregation of data and standard reporting to the backend. 
  • Cybersecurity Analytics Center – a full dashboard and analytics solution providing 24/7 visibility of broad vehicular security-related events from HARMAN SHIELD Agents, integrated on-top of HARMAN Ignite Platform.
  • API for 3rd party integrations – Import HARMAN SHIELD data into Security Operation Center (SoC), Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.
  • Easily integrates into existing production lines irrespective of any automotive software platform and operating system
  • Built-in HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA) enabling efficient full-vehicle software management
  • Double perimeter security for both in-vehicle and external communication channels
  • Requires no architectural modifications in the existing systems of an OEM or Supplier
  • Collecting security-relevant data from the vehicle and detecting anomalies and rule-based events
  • Discovering security-related status of every vehicle and managing security threats, risk, trends, and impact using summarized data
  • Investigating using forensic methods, attack replay, and post-mortem analysis
  • Responding by mitigating threats in real-time and recommending on future countermeasures (Over- the - Air Software Update, Incident report, etc.)

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